Algawzi Trading Establishment

Formed in Yemen under the ownership of (Al-Gawzi Brothers) at 1990 under the existing laws of The Republic of Yemen.

As an importer and wholesale/distributor of all kinds of FMCG representing international  manufacturers, companies and agencies, the primary objective on formation of this establishment was to enter in the importing and trading as a wholesaler and distributing business covering all parts of the republic, with our existing operation we are able to distribute our range of products in all major cities of the republic either through our van salesmen  or by our out-country base system (Authorized Agents).

Initially Al-Gawzi Est. Coalesced management with some reputable companies thus drew its distribution management experience and established itself as a distribution entity.

In a short span of time its leadership, honesty, transparency, ambitions and dedication to serve our major and minor customers was sought after and always would respond with meaningful contributions to our agencies, principals, customers and the society as well.

The establishment has extensive knowledge and expertise in all phases of business planning, organizing, staffing, directing innovating, representing and controlling from marketing to distribution and has consistently exhibited professionalism in it’s dealing with it’s partners.

Al-Gawzi Est

usually deals with their agencies, customers, end-users as partners and not only business associates therefore transparency is our precious factor .

We are not only looking in making profits only but in a long term relationship with all parties to reach a win – win position .

Al-Gawzi Est.

has a national ambitions and the thrust in Yemen, we believe that Yemen is a country with great opportunity and potential, response to our services has been very favorable, growth in business has been especially impressive.