Operation Strategy

Marketing strategy not to depend on wholesale i.e. reach every retail store in the country by the following guidance:

  • Creating demand to the whole sale business.
  • Route planning
  • Aggressive selling
  • Dedication & Commitment for each brand
  • Hygiene
  • Display
  • Incentives
  • Product image
  • Feedback on competitors market share/product/prices/quality/etc.
  • Feedback on consumer requirements/pack/size/etc.

Pricing strategy marks-up are ideally put in line with reality .

  • We start with R.S.P. in comparison with equal products in quality, size, fame and origin.
  • Retail margins in food products in general is around 15% to 25%
  • Bonuses to retail and wholesale should be attractive to store the product and display better.
  • Setting annual targets and offering motivating bonus when these targets achieved.
  •  Launch
  •  Advertising

After sales service is provided indirectly with our current policy of cash sales basis only. Still we do serve our customers with utmost care in placing the right quantities in the right place and time.

  • We sale only enough quantities to cover the sales person cycle visit.
  •  Usually the sales person over change stocks from store to store as a service to his customers as per customers demand base.
  • Displaying and using the FIFO system in stores.
  • Assisting in displaying/pricing/cleaning the products after the sale or on routine visits.
  • Merchandizing is part of the sales person responsibility/service towards his customers.

Human resources / Training.

  • University graduates are preferred and are chosen with great care and are compensated with attractive income and other work related bonuses.
  • Self motivated persons have priorities.
  • Periodical training is provided to all staff each on their related field.
  • Ours is an up-grading system either you grow or leave.
  • Performance assessment is done quarterly.
  • Knowledge and belief of the product is essential to all staff.

Support Services (In coordination with principals):

  •  Staff Training
  • Order making process
  • Marketing Plan.
  •  Transporting
  •  Damaged qty percentage
  • Expired products policy
  • Credit line policy
  •  Pricing