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Embaré’s history began on May 15, 1935 in the town of Taubaté, located in the interior of the state of São Paulo. At that time, production and sales were limited to four different products: milk fudge, jellies, fruit jams, and vegetable soups. 

 In 1955, the company discontinued the soup and fruit jam line and began making the now world-famous Embaré milk caramel.
 In 1961, Embaré’s current controllers bought Laticínios Lagoa da Prata S/A and, then in 1963, Embaré, in Taubaté. The two companies were merged in 1969 under its current name of Embaré Indústrias Alimentícias S/A and its industrial operations were moved to.

Lagoa da Prata.
Nowadays, the company’s administrative headquarters are located in Belo Horizonte, state capital of Minas Gerais and one of the country’s most important metropolises, plus it has branch offices and representatives in all of the Brazil’s main commercial centers.
Active in market since 1935, Embaré has always directed its production by three essential guidelines: modern technology, qualified labor, and top quality raw materials. Guided by this entrepreneurial vision, the Company has followed a path of continual growth with the production of powdered milk, milk cream, and butter under the brand name of Camponesa and the world-famous Embaré milk caramels, a segment in which is the national leader.
The company’s success has not gone unrecognized. The ISO 9011 and ISO 14001 certificates that have awarded to Embaré proudly distinguish a company that is always committed of the well-being of the community, respectful of the environment, and tireless searches for quality in its products and services.